Material Safety Data Sheets

Below you find links to our MSDS files associated with the product lines we wholesale.
08088 General Trim Adhesive

Airgas BAR 97 Calibration Gas High-Range & Low-Range
Airgas Nitrogen
Airgas Zero Air

16-PB PB Blaster Penatrating Catalyst

CPS222220 Chevron Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40

05037 CRC White Lithium Grease
05078 CRC Throttle Body and Air Intake Cleaner
SL2411 Sta Lube Equa-Torque® Differential Friction Modifier
SL3161 Sta Lube Hi Temperature Disc Brake Wheel Bearing Grease, 14 WT OZ

8265S - JB Weld Resin

2212 Johnsens Heavy Duty DOT 3 Brake Fluid
2232 Johnsens Heavy Duty DOT 3 Brake Fluid
2234 Johnsens Heavy Duty Hydraulic Brake Fluid
2415C Johnsen's Non-chlorinated Brake Part Cleaner (California) 5 gal
2417C Johnsen's Non-chlorinated Brake Part Cleaner 12/13 oz
2612 Johnsen's Power Steering Fluid for Honda
2812 Johnsens Power Steering Fluid
2943 Johnsen's Windshield Washer Concentrate for California
4605 Johnsen's Battery Terminal Protector
4606 Johnsen's Battery Cleaner
4609 Johnsen's Engine Flush
4611 Johnsens Power Steering Fluid
4641C Johnsen's Carb Spray 12/10 oz (10% VOC) CA Compliant
6330 Johnsens 134a Refrigerant
6762 Johnsen's Starting Fluid

10001, 10002 Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer
10008, 10011 Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak
10130 Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer

98HC63 Mobil 1 5W-30
98HC64 Mobil 1 0W-40
98JQ66 Mobil 1 0W-20

PRAOB3 Peak Long Life Concentrate Antifreeze & Coolant
PRAOL3 Peak Cool Antifreeze & Coolant
Product Data Sheet - Peak Multi-Vehicle ATF
PWNOK3 Peak Windshield Washer Fluid
SF16 SeaFoam Motor Treatment

14112 Coconut Grease Grabber Hand Cleaner 12 oz
22058 Permatex Dielectric Tune-Up Grease 3oz
24125 Permatex Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant 8fl. oz.
24200 Permatex Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue 6ml
25224 Permatex The Right Stuff Gasket Maker 7oz. Power Can
27100 Permatex High Strength Threadlocker Red 6ml
80050 Permatex Clear RTV Silicone 3oz
80078 Permatex Anti-Seize Lubricant 8oz.
81150 Permatex Dielectric Tune-Up Grease .33oz
81158 Permatex Black Silicone Adhesive 3oz
81844 Permatex Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit
81850 Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive 5 fl oz
82180 Permatex Ulta Black RTV Silicone 3.35oz
82190 Permatex Super Glue
82194 Permatex Ultra Grey RTV Silicone 3.5oz
84101 Permatex Permapoxy 5 Min. General Purpose Epoxy 25ml
84160 Permatex Permapoxy 1 min. General Purpose Epoxy 25ml

4320P Purple Power Industrial Strength Cleaner/Degreaser

SUS17 Super S GL-5 Gear Oil 80W-90
SUS224 Super S ATF+4
SUS225 Super S Mercon V

11077 WD-40 Aerosol
300004 Specialist Penetrant
300011 Specialist Silicone
300028 Specialist White Lithium Grease

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